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Essential Oil Lava Rock Stretch Bracelet Workshop

Essential Oil Lava Rock Stretch Bracelet Workshop

  • $30.00

In this workshop I will teach you how to create two stretch bracelets using lava rock beads, semi precious stones and unique spacer beads. 

While we design and create one-of-a-kind pieces of your own we will learn the history of essential oils and how to use your bracelet diffusers in a meditation practise.

There will be a selection of high-quality stones, crystals and guru beads for you to choose from. You will learn a about the properties of the stones so that you can find something to serve a particular need, or simply let the stones speak to you.

Once your have finished your custom bracelets, we will cleanse the piece with white sage to clear any energy that may be left in the crystals/stones and set the intention the to activate the properties of your bracelets. 

Date: October 27th 3:30pm 

Location:Community Art Space

180 Sudbury Street, Toronto, ON 

Buzz 1042 

Contact:Hannah Towle

Number: 416-676-4541

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