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Achieving success in the social media marketing world requires the ability to update and share relevant content, engage with followers and cover special events to build a loyal and growing client base. As an enthusiastic marketing professional with experience in diverse social media channels and strategies, I am well prepared to offer these strengths as well as knowledge in this field. With a degree in Design from OCADU as well as experience as an entrepreneur I can make a significant impact on your creative companies social media accounts. 

From monitoring trends and analyzing metrics to driving brand awareness and increasing SEO, my expertise can be leveraged to enable successful marketing and online communications strategies. I excel at leading efficient and productive teams and implementing forward-thinking strategies and concepts to create and sustain revenue growth.

Following are highlights of my qualifications:

  • Overseeing social media content for creatively based company while working effectively and collaboratively with bloggers, fans, and key influencers to propel corporate presence and customer engagement.
  • Dramatically increasing traffic and overall engagement.
  • Creating content for customer engagement, such as contests, events and giveaways, to elevate brands’ image.
  • Analyzing and reporting social media presence, engagement, and effectiveness across all platforms to boost overall impact and performance.
  • Building brand identities through proven and innovative social media strategies and research designed to incorporate company values and talents.

Considering my proven talent for overseeing the development and management of creative Social Media Marketing content and combined with my ability to motivate teams and stimulate enduring customer relationships—I am well positioned to immensely benefit your creative company.

If you have any inquiries please contact me at