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White Jade Lava Rock Stretch Bracelet

  • $64.95

This stretch bracelet is inspired by Big Buddha in the hills of Hong Kong.  Thite Jade is sourced in Cat Street Market.  White Jade is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful just like the Big Buddha. Its powerful healing energies are known all over the world because it has the ability to purify the energies of your heart. The contrast of the gold dipped beads, Jade and lava rock are a great unity in this spiritual bracelet. The Lava Rock is also used as a diffuser for essential oils which makes this bracelet a 2 in 1. 

WHITE JADE: Healing | Health | Fertility | Wealth

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Element: Earth

LAVA ROCK: Grounding | Protection | Motivation | Wisdom 

Zodiac: Taurus & Scorpio

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth & Fire


  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" Ladies Medium (Custom Sizes Available) 
  • Materials: White Jade Beads, Lava Rock, Gold Dipped Beads and Elastic.
  • Aluminum & Nickel Free.
  • Made in Canada

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