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Pursuade Me is a fashion and interior accessory line I launched in Toronto in 2015 that will 'persuade' individuals to think outside the box when it comes to everyday design. Salvaging unique sustainable materials allows me to create accessories that are not only green, but one of a kind. 

At the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU), I was inspired from some of the best creators and educators in Toronto. Their influence was truly invaluable. After graduating, I created a business focused on the Art of Craft, using old practises and introducing eco-friendly materials. Pursuade Me introduces a new way of accessorizing in an approach where old is the new ‘new’. As each piece is one of a kind, there is always a new story to share.

As a Toronto artist, I pursues my passion through a few different creative avenues, all which allow me to constantly fuel my inspiration. First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur, my artistic drive has turned my dream into a brand and company called Pursuade Me. My inspiration typically comes from travelling the world, as I explore different cities, beaches and communities I search for design inspiration as well as sustainable materials to create my next collections.   

Let Pursuade Me, persuade you! 

XoXo Hannah