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Crystal Quartz Horn Pendant on a Hand Knotted Amazonite & Vintage Crystal Necklace

  • $174.95

Looking for a necklace that's as unique as it is breathtaking? Explore our one-of-a-kind design, featuring a captivating blend of semi-precious stones and vintage crystals sourced from Europe. The clear crystal quartz tooth pendant is intricately linked to a hand-knotted amazonite and vintage crystal beaded necklace, creating a truly mesmerizing piece. And here's the best part - this necklace can be worn in three different ways, making it perfect for layering and adapting to your personal style.

But there's more to this necklace than meets the eye. Each stone carries its own symbolic meaning. Amazonite embodies hope, playfulness, optimism, and truth-telling, associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo, the heart chakra, and the element of water. Crystal quartz, known for clarity, manifestation, and focus, resonates with all chakras.

This necklace isn't just jewelry; it's a meaningful symbol. Don't miss the chance to make it your own!

Amazonite: Hope, Playful, Optimistic, Truth Teller Zodiac: Virgo Chakra: Heart Element: Water

Crystal Quartz: Clarity, Manifestation, Focus Chakra: All


  • Crystal Quartz Claw: 3" x 1/2" 
  • Hand-knotted Necklace: 34" 
  • Beads: Amazonite 4mm, Vintage Crystal Beads 4mm. 
All Products are Aluminum & Nickel Free and handmade in Canada.

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