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The Essential Oil Roller Workshop

  • $35.00

🌟 Discover the Magic of Scent and Stones with Pursuade Me's Scented Harmony Workshop!

💫✨ Join us for an inspiring experience where you'll create your own personal scent and infuse it with the power of a semi-precious stone.

Explore the profound connection between fragrance and gemstones, learning how each element can enhance your well-being. By combining essential oils with a carefully selected stone, you'll craft a unique blend that brings balance, harmony, and grounding to your life.

During our workshop, you'll delve into the art of blending essential oils and discover the unique properties of various semi-precious stones. From soothing lavender and calming amethyst to invigorating citrus and energizing carnelian, the combinations are endless.

Priced at $35 per person, this workshop invites you to unleash your creativity and design a personalized scent that reflects your essence. Experiment with different oils and stones to create a roller blend that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Don't miss this chance to create a meaningful and aromatic accessory that speaks to your journey and aspirations. Reserve your spot now and embark on a sensory adventure with Pursuade Me!

Please note: These workshops offer a private experience for either yourself or a group of friends. Upon purchase, we will reach out to arrange a convenient timeslot. You have the option to host the workshop in our Toronto studio, at Trinity Bellwoods, or we can come to a location of your choice.

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